One Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

A 1 bedroom granny flat design is an ideal option for teenagers, single occupant and young couple. Our one bedroom granny flat design boasts a bedroom, bathroom, living area and kitchen.

At Granny Flats Builders Sydney, we build one bedroom granny flats up to 60 square meters complying the rules and regulations of the local council. Building granny flats up to the prescribed space limit and meeting the basic requirements of architects, engineers, certifiers and planners results in guaranteed plan approval within 20 days.

1 Bedroom Granny Flats – Alternate Dwellings

1 Bedroom granny flats are best suited for people who are looking to downsize or move into something that is more affordable. But, the most important consideration to be taken care of while constructing a 1 bedroom granny flat is asking yourself whether its facilities answer the needs and requirements of buyers, if you plan to sell the property in the future. Also, make sure that the design and convenient features of your one bedroom granny flat attracts customers who are looking for a two bedroom granny flat and entice them to prefer a one bedroom to live in or rent.

Our one bedroom granny flats are designed with many exciting features with easy access for elderly occupants. Our granny flats designs are fully customisable and are well suited for most block types.

The one bedroom granny flats designed as a detached extension feels contemporary and is a perfect picture of quality. All the inventive plans we feature are fully adaptable and come with a wide array of options and selections. Our design and customer service teams are always available on hand to help you every step of the way.

Looking for building a one bedroom granny flat? Don’t want to compromise on today’s conveniences? Contact Granny Flats Builders Sydney to create a plan that is both modern and unique with more convenient features.