1 Bedroom Granny Flats

When your property needs a little extra space, 1 bedroom Granny Flats act as the perfect solution. At Granny Flat Builders Sydney, we make 1 bedroom Granny Flats and produce 1 bedroom granny flat plans that match your specifications. Throughout the process, our in-house team of designers, architects, and builders work with you to produce results that complement your existing property.

Why choose us for your 1 Bedroom Granny Flats?

One-bedroom Granny Flats provide just enough space for a relative who is coming to stay with you, an au-pair, or the occasional guest. In each instance, you need to ensure your 1 bedroom granny flat plans take their comfort into account. That way, they’ll always feel happy to return.

As a team that has lots of experience in working throughout the Sydney area, we work with you throughout the 1 bedroom granny flat development process. From start to finish, our lines of communication remain open. As such, you can come to us when you have fresh design ideas you want to incorporate into your plans.

If you would like to discuss 1 bedroom granny flat plans with us, call us on 02 8798 9858 or fill out our contact form