Granny Flat Designs and Prices

Whether you’re considering investing your savings in an easy, quick and guaranteed way of earning money or you’re just finding yourself in need for more space and comfort then consider cheap granny flats in Sydney. We are here to help you solve your problem in a professional manner by offering competitive, budget-friendly granny flats prices.

Become Familiar with Cheap Granny Flat

A secondary (or accessory) suite is a term that describes an apartment that is built next to your primary property, either separate or annexed to it. Depending on the region, its name varies from mother-in-law apartment in the U.S. to granny flat in Sydney, Australia.

The concept is meant to offer an additional, fully-equipped dwelling for purposes such as expanding your property, increasing its value or investing your savings. Granny flats prices offer this type of building an advantage over conventional apartments.

While the main concept is not new, the rise in popularity has brought an increase in options and a decline in prices, making it easy for you to add living space to your property or to boost your income.

Unmatched Quality and Professionalism

In an increasingly popular and demanding market, we stand out by having vast experience in offering affordable granny flats prices. Our aim is to show our customers that expanding your horizons – either for business, comfort or utility – doesn’t have to drain your savings. On top of being budget-friendly, the process of building a granny flat takes as little as 12 weeks!

We offer competitive granny flats prices in Sydney without you having to make any compromise! Our team of building experts will make sure that you’re getting the best product for a cheap price. Adding up to three bedrooms next to your estate is not only convenient, but also cheap.

Granny Flats Cost – Smart Investment

Are you thinking of expanding your home? Do you have a limited budget? We have the answer for your problems!

Invest your savings in something that’s guaranteed to pay itself. We’re here to help you make that transition from property-owner to an entrepreneur in as little as 12 weeks. Let us build the ideal dwellings for your future tenants. With our competitive granny flats prices in Sydney, we offer optimal services for you to start your own business. Join our team of satisfied customers and increase your property’s value.

Affordability is Key – Granny Flat Prices Sydney

We know that you’ve worked hard for your wealth and we don’t want you to feel like you’re being taken advantage of. We offer a variety of options with prices that range from around AUD 90,000 to AUD 120,000 depending on the materials and the layout of the future apartment. The cost of building a granny flat will be adjusted to your needs and requirements. As experienced builders on the market, we don’t want you spending any more than you have to. Check our granny flat price list to find an offer that makes you happy. We’re confident that you’ll be totally satisfied with our services.