Granny Flat Designs in Sydney – Step-by-Step Procedure

Step: 1

Site Visit and Initial Check

Keep an eye on the following criteria to determine the eligibility of your site.

  • Get a Section 149(2) Planning Certificate for the local council department
  • Get a sewer diagram for the property
  • Conduct a title search for your property
  • Check the dimensions of your site and the standard size is 50m2 & 12m wide

Step 2:

Site Inspection and Preliminary Tender Approval

After the reviewal of the required documents to check the eligibility, our design expert will work with you to inspect and measure your property size.

Once it is done, he will discuss his ideas and features with you and prepare a preliminary tender. This tender is sent to the concerned for approval.

Step 3:

Contract Signing, Granny Flat Design & Planning

A fixed price is provided to the customers following the approval of preliminary tender and both the parties should sign the full list of agreed inclusions in the proposal.

After the completion of this process, the designing team at Granny Flats Builders Sydney draw up a detailed plan of architecture that includes floor plans, elevations, bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, electrical layout and more.

Step 4:

Approval of Granny Flat Design & Construction

The plan will be placed in front of the local council to get the stamping and approval from all necessary consultants. The certifications include,

  • Sewer quick check
  • Structural engineer
  • Stormwater certification
  • BASIX Report
  • Certificate from Local Council
  • Home owners warranty insurance check
  • Tax check

Our granny flat designer guides you through the selection of materials, colour schemes and finishes during the construction process. He can also make changes and upgrades in the design during the process upon your request.

Step 5:

Hand Overing the Finished Granny Flat

The construction process of the granny flat takes only a short span of time, approximately 10 to 12 weeks. Based on the complexity of the site and weather conditions, the time taken for the construction may slightly vary.